Princeton Area Community Foundation Fund for Women and Girls Awards Grant for Millhill Female Trenton PEERS

TRENTON, NJ –The Princeton Area Community Foundation’s Fund for Women and Girls has awarded the Millhill Child & Family Development with a $17,700 grant in support of the Female Trenton PEERS Empowerment and Education Program.
Millhill Female Trenton PEERSThe grant was part of a total of $117,500 given to five local organizations by the Leadership Team of the Fund for Women and Girls.

The Trenton PEERS program was also selected as the first grant awarded in memory of Liz Gray Erickson, former chair and passionate champion of the Fund for Women and Girls. The award honors Erickson’s commitment to eliminating the root causes of society’s most challenging obstacles that face women and girls.

“We are thrilled to receive renewed support for our Female Trenton PEERS program in honor of Liz,” Cynthia Oberkofler explains.  “The grant will help empower and inspire girls to make positive choices.”

PEERS strives to provide Trenton’s vulnerable youth with the information, skills, and support they need in order to find their confidence, develop leadership skills, establish healthy relationships, avoid violence and risky choices and improve their chances for a bright, self-directed future.

Carolyn Sanderson, a Trustee of the Community Foundation’s Board and Chair of The Fund for Women and Girls, said the PEERS program “best exemplifies Liz’s core values.

“She cared deeply about identifying and eliminating the root causes of our society’s most challenging problems, and she believed in the potential within every girl,” said Sanderson.

Jeffrey Vega, the Community Foundation’s President and CEO, said the goal is to provide necessary leverage to improve the lives of women and girls in Central New Jersey. “These grants reflect a vibrant community of philanthropists working together to improve lives,” Vega said. “The Female Trenton PEERS program stands out for its ability to identify the root causes of our society’s most challenging problems,” he added

Founded in 1998, The Fund for Women and Girls, supported by the Giving Circle, is a passionate group of donors dedicated to philanthropy that addresses the unique needs of girls and the women who raise them. To date, the Fund has distributed over $300,000 to local nonprofit programs throughout the greater Mercer County region. “Giving Circle” members are committed to magnifying the impact of their donations by pooling their financial contributions, studying issues that affect women and girls, and collaboratively directing the fund’s grant making.

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Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in Greater Trenton through educational, counseling and family support services.  Founded in 1971, Millhill currently serves over 3,500 families in the community with the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and financial contributors.