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Summer Youth Employment Program

“I learned how to be in an organized workplace, how to work with different people, and get comfortable with how they work.”

– Ja’ren Hampton (LALDEF)


Why partner with the Mayor’s Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program?

  • The opportunity to prepare youth for the workforce
  • Dedicated and trained youth intern for 6 weeks
  • Benefit from youth perspective and leverage their social media expertise
  • Financial assistance to cover summer internship costs

If you are an employer interested in partnering with the Mayor’s Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program by employing youth, please click below and complete the form.


By enrolling in the Mayor’s Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program, you receive:

  • A summer job placement at a local nonprofit or business in the culinary, arts, education, business, legal, or nonprofit fields.
  • A stipend for your work
  • Job readiness training from Rider University
  • Clothing voucher for workplace attire

If you are a Trenton resident between the ages of 16-21, please click below and complete the youth application form. Applications are being accepted from April 7- April 26. Please note, youth must also complete a free one day job readiness training to be in the program.

Thank you for your interest in the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program.  At this time enrollment is full and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Through a collaborative partnership between the City of Trenton, Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Millhill Child & Family Development, MidJersey Chamber of Commerce, and the Capital Region Minority Chamber of Commerce, funds are being raised and allocated to the Millhill Foundation to cover the costs of employing youth.

If you are a private business or other entity that wants to partner with the Mayor’s Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program but cannot host a youth this summer we ask you to kindly consider making a donation to the program. 

To employ one youth at a nonprofit partner it costs $2,000, which includes the costs of the job readiness training at Rider University, a stipend paid to youth during their employment, and program support, which includes job placement consultation, interview coaching and mentoring. 

Over the past two summers, 315 youth have received job placements with over 20 different employers via their enrollment with Millhill or the City of Trenton.

If you would like to sponsor a youth and a make a donation directly to the Millhill Foundation please speak with  Karen Schoenitz: (609)989-7333 ext.123 / kschoenitz@millhillcenter.org



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