Christine’s Hope for Kids Supports Millhill Trenton PEERS Leadership Retreat


TRENTON, NJ (July 24, 2015) – Christine’s Hope for Kids awarded Millhill Trenton PEERS $3,005 to attend the New Life Island retreat this summer for team building activities and to develop leadership potential.

“I really felt touched by the mission of Christine’s Hope to give back and assist children in need.  Their generosity is inspiring,” explains Andre Monday, the PEERS Coordinator.

Trenton PEERS is a peer to peer education and support group made up of Trenton area youth ages 13-18.   The PEERS provide Trenton’s most vulnerable youth with information, skills, and support needed to avoid unhealthy behaviors, gain confidence and support and develop leadership skills.

The PEERS retreat to New Life Island on the Delaware River will give the 24 PEERS an opportunity to learn more about themselves, experience teamwork and set the stage for the year ahead.  During the year, the PEERS reach over 2,000 youth with presentations about issues facing Trenton area teens such as gang awareness, violence prevention, and substance abuse and bullying.

Christine’s Hope for Kids located in Hopewell, NJ is dedicated to helping less fortunate children and supporting local community agencies that work with and benefit children. Christine’s Hope for Kids also supports Millhill with donation drives throughout the year including back to school and holiday gifts.

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