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Trenton Stakeholders

Trenton Area Stakeholders

Trenton Area Stakeholders (TAS) brings together a diverse extended support network of community leaders who initiate and sustain efforts that have a strong positive impact on the youth and families of Greater Trenton. Originally developed as a youth leadership initiative in 1995 by the Princeton Center for Leadership Training (PCLT), the group evolved into a more comprehensive endeavor that sought to engage a wide variety of strengths, talents and collaborators focused on strengthening Greater Trenton in order to, in turn, support and nurture its local youth and families.

PCLT sustained TAS through its early years and then in 1999, believing wholeheartedly in the concept of local leadership, transitioned coordination of the group to Millhill. TAS continued to flourish, bringing together a vibrant group of community leaders and activists from a broad range of fields that linked in numerous collaborations, large and small, for the betterment of Greater Trenton.

Two TAS milestone accomplishments attributable to its activism and collaboration include Rider’s ‘Minding Our Business’ which sponsors youth interested in turning their entrepreneurial ideas into business plans and Millhill’s ‘Trenton PEERS,’ which fosters youth leadership by strengthening peer-to-peer networking and encouraging academic goals.

TAS provides an ongoing forum for open sharing in order to foster collaborations and necessary dialogue that will strengthen Greater Trenton as a place to live and work.

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