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Trenton PEERS

Performing, Educating, and Engaging about Responsible Strategies

The Trenton PEERS is a year-round education and support group made up of two mixed gender teams of youths ages 13 – 18. The Peer Educators are extensively mentored and trained to provide violence prevention and life skills education to their peers. Each team meets weekly to learn both fact-based information and skill-building techniques, covering topics such as gang awareness, violence prevention, anger management, conflict resolution, dating violence prevention, postponing sexual involvement, substance abuse, and bullying.

The PEERS Mission

The purpose of the PEERS program is to provide Trenton’s vulnerable youth with the information, skills, and support needed to find confidence, develop leadership skills, establish healthy relationships, and avoid violence and risky choices. This improves chances for a bright, self-directed future.

What We Do

The Peer Educators work in the community by developing, practicing, and performing skits, and interactive workshops that depict how teens think, feel, react, and make decisions during times of conflict. These skits are performed for others their age facing common challenges. The information presented in each PEERS workshop is dramatic, thought-provoking, and age-appropriate. At the conclusion of each skit the PEERS use interactive and educational activities to conduct small group discussions. These discussions are crafted to initiate dialogue, explore and expand values and beliefs, and create an exchange of ideas.

“The PEERS presentations to students my age were valuable and something I could relate to.”

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