Millhill Child & Family Development Receives Grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals  

Photo Caption: Janssen employees at Millhill Day of Caring



Millhill Child & Family Development Receives Grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals

TRENTON, NJ (February 12, 2018) – Millhill Child & Family Development recently received a grant from Janssen Pharmaceuticals to support the Trenton PEERS and Trenton Area Stakeholders programs.  Janssen is a longtime supporter of Millhill and provides monetary contributions as well as employee investments of time, energy and creativity in Millhill’s Day of Caring volunteer program.

This generous contribution is a direct investment in the success of Trenton youth through quality programming, guest speakers, college preparatory work, and school performances. We are, without a doubt, positively impacting their lives and preparing Trenton youth for a bright future.”  ~Michelle Thompkins, Associate Director of Youth Services

The Trenton PEERS, Performing, Educating, and Engaging about Responsible Strategies, is a year-round peer education, mentoring and support group made up of young adults, ages 13 – 18.   The goal of the program is to empower the Trenton PEERS to realize their potential through an intensive year round leadership, education and supportive group.  The PEERS serve as positive role model in their community, performing potentially life-saving workshops to nearly 3,000 adolescent peers in Trenton.

The Trenton Area Stakeholders was originally developed as a youth leadership initiative in 1995. It later evolved into a more comprehensive endeavor that sought to engage a wide variety of strengths, talents and collaborators focused on strengthening Greater Trenton in order to support and nurture its local youth and families.

Janssen aspire’s to transform lives by bringing life-saving and life-changing solutions to people who need them. They are committed to supporting programs that help reduce disparities and barriers for low-income individuals, including education, mental health and education.

Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in Greater Trenton through educational, counseling and family support services spanning from an early age to adult.  Founded in 1971, Millhill serves over 5,000 families in the community with the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and financial contributors.  Millhill empowers lives with an approach that is both individualized and collaborative taking into account the dynamics of the whole family.  Millhill offers services at 101 Oakland Street and 802 Prospect Street in Trenton, NJ.  For more information about programs and services, please visit or call (609) 989-7333.