Millhill Child & Family Development Behavioral Health Expands to Offer Adult Outpatient Counseling Services

Photo Caption:  Counseling Center at 802 Prospect Street in Trenton

Millhill Child & Family Development Behavioral Health Expands to Offer Adult Outpatient Counseling Services

 Trenton, NJ (April 19, 2017) – Millhill Child & Family Development recently expanded its Behavioral Health Services to provide individual, family, and group counseling for adults.    Initially offered as a pilot service, Millhill began offering adult services to the public starting in January.

“Millhill’s Counseling Services are now fully capable of impacting the whole family – not just our youth.  We give both children and adults the tools, steps and help needed to build healthy habits, setting them up for future success,” explains Jordan Faiman, Director of Behavioral Health Services.

The expansion of counseling services is a direct response to the steady increased need for behavioral health offerings in Trenton.  Participation at Millhill’s Outpatient Clinic has expanded from 35 clients a week in 2009 to over 400 a week in 2017 and the need continues to grow.  In order to meet the growing demand for counseling, Millhill opened a new counseling center in 2015 to offer children and their families’ quality and affordable behavioral health services.

“Our new counseling center has been well received by the community. We listened to our families and in order to better serve the family unit we are proud to now offer adult counseling services,” states Cynthia H. Oberkofler, Executive Director.

Located at 802 Prospect Street in Trenton, Millhill’s Counseling Center provides the local community with outpatient counseling and psychiatric services. Millhill’s counseling services enhance life skills and encourage emotional development to maximize an individual’s functioning, strengths, and resources.

Adult participants must possess active Medicaid insurance and be between the ages of 21 and 65. Clinic hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10 am to 4 pm and by appointment. For additional referral information please contact Adult Program Admissions Coordinator, Sarah Steinmetz at 609-989-7333 ext. 228

The Clinic also offers counseling services to youth ages 4 – 20 and their families.  Millhill’s outpatient counseling services work to reduce the stigma of mental illness while enhancing life skills and encourage positive emotional development.  Millhill employs only licensed clinicians and has board-certified psychiatrists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners on staff for psychiatric services when needed.

Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in Greater Trenton through educational, counseling and family support services spanning from an early age to adult.  Founded in 1971, Millhill serves nearly 5,000 individuals in the community with the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and financial contributors.  We empower lives using an approach that is both individualized and collaborative taking into account the dynamics of the whole family.  Services are offered at 101 Oakland Street and 802 Prospect Street in Trenton, NJ.  For more information about our programs, please visit or call (609) 989-7333.