Giving Hope Network Awards Grant to Millhill Child & Family Development for Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program

Millhill Child & Family Development


Photo caption: Trenton teens at Rider University Summer Youth Employment Job Readiness Training.


Giving Hope Network Awards Grant to Millhill Child & Family Development for Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program Job Readiness Training

TRENTON, NJ (May 22, 2017) Giving Hope Network recently awarded a grant to Millhill Child & Family Development to support the Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program.  The grant supported the two-day job readiness training for Trenton teens held at Rider University in April and May.

“Millhill is grateful for the second year of support provided by Giving Hope Network which has enabled the program to provide job readiness training at Rider University to Trenton teens,” explains Cynthia H. Oberkofler, Executive Director. “The public-private collaborative effort has been invaluable for creating opportunities for Trenton youth,” she continued.

The Trenton Summer Youth Employment Program is a partnership between Trenton Mayor’s Office, Millhill Child & Family Development, MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, Rider University and the Trenton Area Stakeholders.

The initiative provides Trenton teens with the opportunity to earn money, establish positive work history, as well as obtain the necessary competencies to do so successfully.

The job readiness training is designed to build soft skills and is free to participants.  Upon completion of the two-day training, participants become eligible for job consulting and summer job placement services.  The Summer Employment Program launched during the summer of 2016 with 85 Trenton youth employed from July through August and the program is on track this summer to employ 100 teens.

The Trenton Summer Youth Employment program grew out of a needs assessment conducted by the Trenton Area Stakeholders (TAS).  TAS is comprised of more than 800 members primarily of leaders from organizations and individuals throughout Mercer County that are committed to improving the lives of underserved children and families. TAS is designed to provide a platform to spark collaboration among individuals and organizations involved in strengthening Trenton.

Giving Hope Network is a New Jersey-based organization with a mission to develop shared solutions for large, complex societal challenges by inspiring and mobilizing passionate and capable communities committed to making a big difference in people’s lives.

Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in Greater Trenton through educational, counseling and family support services spanning from an early age to adult.  Founded in 1971, Millhill serves more than 5,000 individuals in the community with the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and financial contributors.  Millhill empowers youth and adults by using an approach that is both individualized and collaborative taking into account the dynamics of the whole family.  Services are offered at 101 Oakland Street and 802 Prospect Street in Trenton, NJ.  For more information about our programs, please visit or call (609) 989-7333.