James Kerney Foundation Provides Technology for Millhill Counseling Center

James Kerney Foundation Provides Technology for Millhill Counseling Center

TRENTON, NJ (January 11, 2016) – Millhill Child & Family Development received a $15,000 grant from the James Kerney Foundation to cover the costs of computers for the recently opened counseling center.  Located at 802 Prospect Street the counseling center helps to meet the growing demand for child and adolescent behavioral health services in Trenton.

“We are excited to partner with the Kerney Foundation to improve the efficiency of our operations and therefore improve our clients’ health outcomes,” states Cynthia Oberkofler, executive director.

In addition to the purchase of 22 desktop computers in the therapy rooms, technology will be available to client families through the parenting center.   Through the patient portal, families will be able to access health records, search for resources and other assistance.

The James Kerney Foundation has supported Millhill previously for the Make It Happen project to secure equipment including a new server and technology to move from manual recordkeeping to electronic health records.

Millhill’s expansion of behavioral health services addresses Mercer County’s highest mental health care priority – the dire need for Mercer youth to have local access to high quality care. Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes noted that “Millhill is tackling head-on the critically growing issue of mental illness.”

The counseling center provides individual, family and group counseling and psychiatric treatments including psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring. The building features 20 therapy rooms, 5 group rooms, administration offices, reception area a parenting center and a dedicated space for the Trenton PEERS.

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